002 – Evil Children and Throwing Mice

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This week we discuss (among other things) what creeps us out in games and how Jon reacts sometimes when he freaks out. Of course, we also talk about games/movies/TV shows we are currently playing/watching, the next Xbox, and plenty of other news including Bethesda’s newly teased game (which was revealed after we had already recorded).

This week’s episode features music from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Black Mesa.


1. Opening Song – “Bloodstained Hollywood Ending” by Blindside
2. Currently playing/watching
3. “Tremble of the Sea and Land – Lagiacrus” by Yuko Komimiya (Monster Hunter 3 Soundtrack)
4. News
5. Most anticipated games/movies of 2013
6. Weekly recommendations
7. “End Credits” by Joel Nielsen (Black Mesa Soundtrack)

Twitter: @frozengamers

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