006 – Ben’s Badawesome Battlefood

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In this week’s episode, Ben returns after a four-episode hiatus, we talk about lots of stuff from this year’s E3, and I break down the percentage of game genres presented for each system at E3. Plenty of crazy shenanigans come in this episode, so enjoy!

This week’s episode features music from Red Dead Redemption, Mega Man, and Portal.


1. “Bloodstained Hollywood Ending” by Blindside
2. Introductions/how things are going
3. What we’re playing/watching
4. “Triggernometry” by Bill Elm & Woody Jackson – Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack
5. E3 Stuff – Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, PC/Other
6. Games breakdown
7. “Dr. Wily’s Castle Stage 1” by Piano Squall
8. Weekly Recommendations/ Ben’s most anticipated movies of 2013
9. Contact Info
10. “Still Alive” by Jonathan Coulton & Ellen McLain – Portal

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ben's badawesome battlefood
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