023 – Getting Colder

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As the title suggests, this week we talk about cold weather in Alaska and discuss the limits of Vita’s remote play with PS4, the difference in performance for Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS4 versus Juan, game controllers from current and next-gen platforms, and the benefits of PC gaming via Steam.

Music featured this week from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and Batman: Arkham Origins.

Download Episode 23 – Getting Colder

1. “Bloodstained Hollywood Ending” by Blindside (Frozen Gamers Theme)
2. Introductions/how things are going
3. What we’re playing/watching
4. “Opening Demo” by Koji Kondo (The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past OST)
5. News
6. “Zinogre Battle” by Yuko Komiyama (Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate OST)
7. Weekly recommendations/Dissuasions
8. Closing/Contact info
9. “Winter Comes to Gotham” by Christopher Drake (Batman: Arkham Origins Original Game Score)


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