037 – Why Must the Potato Chips Die Young?

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This week, we talk about Steam sharing, the shutting down of Nintendo Wi-Fi for DS/Wii, the Siri equivalent Cortana coming to Windows phones, and plenty more in between. We also read off another answer to our most recent question and try to come up with new memes based on our own faces.

Music featured this week from The Lego Movie, Batman: Arkham City, and Persona 4 Golden.

Download Episode 37 – Why Must the Potato Chips Die Young?

1. Changing Actors
2. “Bloodstained Hollywood Ending” by Blindside (Frozen Gamers Theme)
3. Introductions/how things are going
4. What we’re playing/watching
5. “Everything is Awesome!!! (Feat. The Lonely Island)” by Tegan and Sara (The Lego Movie: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
6. News
7. “Bring Her Back to Me” by Nick Arundel & Ron Fish (Batman: Arkham City Original Soundtrack)
8. Listener mail
9. Closing thoughts/contact info
10. “The Almighty” by Shoji Meguro (Persona 4 Golden OST)


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