051 – New Nintendo 3DS

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In this week’s lengthy episode, we talk not only about the recently revealed New 3DS/XL, but discuss our lack of enthusiasm for Bloodborne, the upcoming Amiibos from Nintendo, Wii U and 2DS bundles, and I repeatedly confuse PAX Prime with Gamescom.

BIG SPOILERS for Portal 2 (including theories about character origins) are discussed from 3:05-10:19.

Music featured this week from Chrono Trigger, Xenoblade Chronicles. and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Time: 1 hr. 55 mins.

Download Episode 51 – New Nintendo 3DS

1. “Bloodstained Hollywood Ending” by Blindside (Frozen Gamers Theme)
2. Introduction/How things are going
3. What we’re playing/watching
4. “Ocean Palace” by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra (Chrono Trigger Symphony, Vol. 3)
5. News – Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo
6. “Gaur Plains” by Yoko Shimomura (Xenoblade Chronicles OST)
7. Closing thoughts/Contact info
8. “Brinstar” by Hirokazu Ando, Tadashi Ikegami, Shogo Sakai, Takuto Kitsuta (Super Smash Bros. Melee OST)


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